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August 30, 2014
Tony Amaral, Mike Wilson, Fernando Delmendo, Tim Williams, Joe Amaral, Jack Dominguez, Tim Tomko and Butch Bishop
win their flight in the Individual Stroke Play Tournament.
Tournament Summary:
by Rod Manalo: Secretary of the RSMC

65 members competed in eight flights. There was championship flight where the members competed scratch and teed off from the blue tees. In addition, there were four regular flights and three senior flights where competitors teed off from the white tees.

The format was individual stroke play using their net score. Championship flight used their gross score.

The course was in good shape, and the weather was perfect.

Championship Flight: (5 players): Tony Amaral shot a gross 76 to win the flight. In second was Dave Guerrero with a gross 77.

First Regular Flight: (9 players / Hcp 6-10): Mike Wilson (9) won with a net 66. Taking second was Roger Koehler (9) with a net71.

Second Regular Flight: (9 players / Hcp 11-13): Fernando Delmendo (11) shot a net 66 to win. Following him were Tony Lopez (11) and Ryan Sigel (11) with a net 74. Places were determined using the scorecard playoff.

Third Regular Flight: (7 players / Hcp 14-16): Tim Williams (16) won this flight with a net 70. In second place was Scott Petersen (14) with a net 71.

Fourth Regular Flight: (7 players / Hcp 18-35): Joe Amaral (19) shot a net 70 to win. In second place was Jerry Kuenster (23) with a net 71.

First Senior Flight: (10 players / Hcp 8-13):  Jack Dominguez (13) won first place with a net 65. Dwayne Breed (11) and Steve James (8) shot a net 69 to place second and third. The scorecard playoff was used to determine their places. After all the scenarios they were still tied, so their places were determined using a coin toss.

Second Senior Flight: (9 players / Hcp 14-18): Tim Tomko (17) and Stuart Shicoff (14) shot a net 70. Tim placed first via the scorecard playoff. Michael Medvedoff (17) placed third with a net 72.

Third Senior Flight: (9 players / Hcp 19-32): Butch Bishop (21) shot a net 70 to win the flight. In second place was Jim Wilson (19) with a net 71. Placing third was Joe Carlotti (32) with a net 75.

The complete results can be viewed on the Tournament Results page.

Elected RSMC Board for 2014
Vince Dominguez,
Ron Donahue,
Jose Reyes
Handicap Chairman
Mike Cathcart
Tournament Chairman
  Rod Manalo,
Ed Forrest
Jim Wagner
Club Pro 
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