Rancho Solano Men's Club Newsletter
February 5, 2016 ( January Newsletter)

Fred Osmond, John Lloyd, Tim Morgan and Steve Leon-Guerrero
Win the 4-Man 2 Best Net Ball Tournament

Jack Dominguez, Mark Bentley, Ralph Moses and Gustavo Ron
Win the Yellow Ball Tournament

Tournament Summary:
by Rod Manalo: Secretary of the RSMC

108 members (27 4-Man Teams) entered the tournament with the goal to win the 4-Man 2 Best Net Ball and the Yellow Ball Tournament.

The sequence of play. Player #1 plays yellow ball on 1st hole; Player #2 on 2nd hole; Player #3 on 3rd hole and Player #4 on 4th hole. The sequence is repeated on 5th hole, etc. The Yellow Ball competition ends for the team if the player playing the yellow ball incurred a penalty stroke.

4-Man 2 Best Net Ball Tournament: (Par 144)
The team of Fred Osmond (14), John Lloyd (19), Tim Morgan (10) and Steve Leon-Guerrero (16) finished first with a 24 under par score of 120. In second place was the team of Brett McCarty (28), Zack Roberts (18), David Brikovich (21) and Randy Powell (24) with a net score of 121. Finishing in 3rd place was Barney Babb (15), Alex Villanueva (13), Chris Armas (5) and Michael Medvedoff (17) with a net score of 123.

Yellow Ball Tournament:
Jack Dominguez (13), Mark Bentley (12), Ralph Moses (7) and Gustavo Ron (16) placed first in this competition with a net 65. In second place was Michael Torrence (6), Michael Torrence Jr. (11), Randy Engell (12) and Scott Tonnesen (21) with a net 71. Mike Wilson (11), Tom Terry (6) and Joe Rivera (5) played as a threesome. Their yellow ball score was 72, which placed them third.

The complete results can be viewed on the Tournament Results page.

Elected RSMC Board for 2016
Vince Dominguez,
Ron Donahue,
Jose Reyes
Handicap Chairman
Mike Cathcart
Tournament Chairman
  Rod Manalo,
Ed Forrest
Jim Wagner
Club Pro 
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February 27, 2016, Saturday
2016 2-Man Four Ball Net and Senior Four Ball Net
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