Rancho Solano Men's Club Newsletter
April 31, 2016

Gary Sigel, AlexVillanueva, Jack Dominguez, Tom Bittner
and Brett McCarty win their flights in the
Modified Stableford Tournament

Tournament Summary:
by Rod Manalo: Secretary of the RSMC

76 members entered the tournament with the goal to score the most points and win their flight in the Modified Stableford Tournament. This was an Individual stroke play tournament with net scoring as follows:  DBL. Eagle-5 pts., Eagle-4pts., Birdie-3pts., Par-2., Bogey-1.  Scores higher than a bogey are 0 pts. This was a modified scoring format because there was no negative points.

All players received 100% of their handicap in accordance to their April 15th index. There were five flights. The top five players in each flight won Golf Shop Credit.

Weather was good. Course conditions were good.

First Flight: (15 players: HCP 5-10): Gary Sigel, Ralph Moses and Michael Torrence tied with a point total of 39. Gary placing first and Ralph taking second via the scorecard playoff. At 36 points were Chris Armas, Ron Roe and Randy Engell. Chris placed fourth and Ron finished fifth via the scorecard playoff.

Second Flight: (13 players: HCP 11-13): Alex Villanueva and Mark Bentley finished with a point total of 41. Alex taking first via the scorecard playoff. Rod Manalo, Tri Tran and Mike Connerley had a point total of 40. Rod placed third and Tri finished fourth via the scorecard playoff.

Third Flight: (14 players: HCP 14-15): Jack Dominguez won this flight with a point total of 41.
In second was Fred Osmond with 36 points. Ron Slusarz and Barney Babb scored 35 points. Ron placed third via the scorecard playoff. With a point total of 34 points were Joe Garske, Andrew Mullins and Dennis Spiller. Joe won Golf Shop Credit via the scorecard playoff.

Fourth Flight: (17 players: HCP 16-20): Tom Bittner won this flight with a point total of 44. In second was Frank Scholl with 41 points. Kurt Schindler and Ed Forrest scored 38 points. Kurt placed third via the scorecard playoff. Alan Boone finished fifth with 37 points.

Fifth Flight: (16 players: HCP 21-31): Brett McCarty won this flight with a point total of 42. Steve Bittner and Nick Kuenster had a point total of 39. Steve placed second via the scorecard playoff. Nathan Kuenster placed fourth with 37 points. Ron Nielson place fifth with 36 points.

The complete results can be viewed on the Tournament Results page.

Elected RSMC Board for 2016
Vince Dominguez,
Ron Donahue,
Jose Reyes
Handicap Chairman
Mike Cathcart
Tournament Chairman
  Rod Manalo,
Ed Forrest
Jim Wagner
Club Pro 
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