Rancho Solano Men's Club Newsletter
July 5, 2014 (June Edition of the Newsletter)
Scott Rebuck, John Seith, Jim Wilson and Randy Powell
win the 4-Man 1,2,3 Format Tournament.
Tournament Summary:
by Rod Manalo: Secretary of the RSMC

79 members entered the this tournament. The format was the 4-Man 1,2,3 Net Ball Tournament.

On the Hole #1: the best net score of the foursome was recorded. On Hole #2: two best net scores of the foursome were recorded. On Hole #3: the three best net scores of the foursome wererecorded. On Hole #4: the one best net score of the foursome was recorded. This sequence continued until Hole #18: all four net scores were recorded. (If there was a three man team, the highest score of the threesome was counted twice on Hole #18).  Par is 143.

As shown above, Scott Rebuck
(11), John Seith (22), Jim Wilson (21) and Randy Powell (24) shot a net score of 118, which was 25 under par to win the tournament. The team of David Brikovich (19), Doug Devera (23), Paul Wilson (16) and Doug Young (20) and the team of Shawn Breakey (12), Eddie Blackford (16), Robert Ruff (16) and Chris Tokarski (13) finished their rounds with a net 120. David's team winning second place via the scorecard playoff.

For the prize money, the complete final results are listed under Tournament Results:

Congratulations to all the winners.

Elected RSMC Board for 2014
Vince Dominguez,
Ron Donahue,
Jose Reyes
Handicap Chairman
Mike Cathcart
Tournament Chairman
Fernando Delmendo,
Rod Manalo,
Ed Forrest
Jim Wagner
Club Pro 
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